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We are no longer called The Dawg Daze of Summer Festival. We have become a series of FREE music events and fundraisers simply called "Dawg Daze" which will be conducted in the near future by a new private Social Club called the "Midwest Music Social Club".  To attend these events a person will need to be a member of the club.

This title doesn't have, nor has it ever had, anything to do with Dogs nor does it have anything to do with Days on a calendar.

- Definitions -

1. A word used to replace the name of a close acquaintance or friend.
2. The name affectionately given to David Grisman by friend Jerry Garcia.

1. To stupefy or bewilder.
2. A lost state of mind that might eventually go away. Sometimes considered enjoyable and makes time pass quickly. Not a care in the world.

Dawg Daze:

An event created to be a gathering of friends, new and old, who enjoy music, laughter, dancing, hugs and smiles. Sometimes associated with camping. Always associated with generosity and giving. Especially to charitable organizations.

Dog Days:
Something else unrelated to this page and series of events.


The next event "The Dawg Daze Winter Wing Ding" is January 23rd at Californos in Westport, KCMO and will feature the following:
Tyrannosaurus Chicken
Sugar Britches
Famous Seamus and the Travelbongs
Max Fred Band
Loopas Parker (Lucas Parker)

There will be a fabulous wing menu so come ready for dinner!
Doors open at 6pm.
$12 cash/$14 credit

This is an event benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Project Warmth of KC.
Bring a gently used blanket or coat and receive $2 off at the door.


We'll see you July 15th & 16th 2016 for The Dawg Daze Stringband Extravaganza at 80 Acres Retreat near Leavenworth, KS!

More info coming soon.......